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19 July 2017: managedaccounts.com.au (ASX:MGP), one of Australia’s leading managed discretionary
account (MDA) providers, has been selected to build and implement a MDA service for Sydney based
advisory group The Wealth Partnership, which manages substantial portfolios for HNW and SMSF clients.

The appointment, which followed an extensive review, reflects growing demand for bespoke MDAs as a model of choice for IFA businesses, according to managedaccounts.com.au Head of Distribution and Marketing, Tony Nejasmic.

“We are pleased to partner with The Wealth Partnership as a dynamic and progressive IFA committed to providing fuller and more transparent client services through smarter, scalable structures,” Mr Nejasmic said.

Dr. Tony Rumble, director of The Wealth Partnership, said the MDA allows the self-licensed group to efficiently and transparently manage a fuller range of investments for investors, including direct investment in ASX listed securities.

“HNW and SMSF clients want the ability to see exactly what they’re invested in, rather than co-exist in a ‘black box’ of managed funds,” Dr. Rumble said.

“Our MDA service allows clients to view their portfolios, typically on one page, and see dividends and franking credits as they hit their account, which is especially attractive for clients in pension phase who want to know how much income is being derived from their direct investments.

“It also allows us to swiftly re-balance portfolios and respond to developments such as corporate actions.”

Dr Rumble said the MDA’s scalability was key to the firm’s growth strategy, which has involved two substantial acquisitions over the last 18 months Mr Nejasmic said the rollout of the MDA reflected continued evolution in the platform marketplace.

“It is clear that The Wealth Partnership’s MDA services will allow better control of clients’ investment outcomes and greater business efficiency as it pursues growth,” Mr Nejasmic said.

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